The Cross

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Basic Training

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Imagine that you could see every sin committed by every person all the time. You saw every time a child was abused, a woman was raped, an innocent was murdered or tortured, every lie, every injustice, every betrayal. What would be your reaction? From a purely emotional standpoint it would be unbearable. The anger and need for retribution and justice would be overwhelming.

Now consider that God, as an omnipresent and omniscient being is in that very position! He sees every sin that is being committed and has ever been committed including mine and yours. As a good, holy and just God He possesses a righteous anger toward sin that is completely justified.

Enter the cross.

The cross on which Jesus laid down His life is the means by which God solved what initially appeared to be an unsolvable dilemma.

Romans 3:21-26 – In this passage we see both God’s dilemma and God’s solution in dealing with sin and purchasing the salvation of mankind.

The dilemma: God is love and longs to have a relationship with the people He created. God is holy, therefore, man’s sin requires separation from God. God is just, therefore, sin cannot go unpunished nor can man escape judgment.

The solution: God bridged the separation caused by our sin by substituting His perfection for our sinfulness. God satisfied the righteous anger we deserved as judgement for our sin by turning His wrath upon His own Son. God satisfied His justice not by waiving the penalty, but by paying the full price for sin on the cross. God expressed His love for man perfectly by giving Himself for our sins when we were completely helpless.


Justification, redemption, and propitiation are all Biblical terms which point us to the cross.
Jesus is my Justifier (v 24, 26). Justification is more than forgiveness. It is a declaration of righteousness that has been bestowed upon us by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
Jesus is my Redeemer(v 25). Redemption means I have been purchased by God. The Bible says that the life is in the blood. The blood of Jesus was accepted by God as the payment by which a righteous life was exchanged for an unrighteous life.
Jesus is my  propitiation, a.k.a., sacrifice for atonement (v 25). The just anger of God resulting from my sin was absorbed by Jesus on the cross. (1 John 2:2) God redirected His wrath from those who deserved it to His Son who did not. I will never have to bear the wrath of God for my sin because Jesus accepted my judgment. (Romans 8:1)

Live inside the circle. Be transformed!

Sample questions:

1. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross in order for us to have a relationship with God?

2.  What was God’s dilemma?

3. Explain these terms…
~ Justification
~ Redemption
~ Propitiation (sacrifice of atonement)

4. How did God judge sin?





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