Spiritual Gifts

Posted: May 23, 2016 in Basic Training


Every person in the Body of Christ has been given a spiritual gift in order to build up others.  It is important for each of us to know what our gift is so that we can rightly function as a part of God’s Church.

The Parable of the Spilled Coffee

One day a group of believers were meeting in a home when a woman accidentally dropped her cup, which broke and spilled coffee all over the floor. Each person in the group responded differently to the mishap, according to their spiritual gifts.

The prophet prayed to see what the Lord was doing and rebuke the devil.

The teacher gave some advice.  “Next time if you will put your cup on the coffee table, that won’t happen again.”

The person with the gift of leadership responded by organizing a clean-up committee.

Bill, who had the gift of service, hurried to get the mop.

The person with the gift of exhortation said, “We all make mistakes so don’t let it get you down.”

The person with the gift of mercy put her arm around the woman, patted her hand and said, “I feel so badly for you.”

The person with the gift of giving exclaimed, “I’ll buy a new set of coffee mugs to replace the broken one!”

What is a spiritual gift?

Romans 12:6-8 – The Greek word for gift is “charisma”, which simply means an endowment of grace and empowering given by God for the purpose of building up other believers and producing spiritual fruit for the Kingdom of God.  A spiritual gift is both a motivational factor in a person’s life and a grid through which one perceives the needs around them.

There are 7 spiritual gifts listed in Romans 12:

  1. Prophesy is forthtelling the Word of God. A person with the gift of prophecy will usually have a passion for prayer and intercession (see Jeremiah 27:18).
  2. Service is the modeling of truth. A person with the gift of service will have a passion to meet the practical needs of others.
  3. Teaching is the impartation of truth. A person with the gift of teaching has the passion to impart, interpret and define truth through the Word of God.
  4. Encouragement is the exhorting of others. Often a person with this gift is very black and white in their thinking.  An encourager will both call people to excellence and righteousness as well as comfort and build up others.
  5. Giving is to bless others in practical and tangible ways. A person with the gift of giving has the passion to bless others from the abundance of all they possess.
  6. Leadership is the ability to govern well. A person with the gift of leadership is usually someone who can see the big picture and solve problems.
  7. Mercy is the ability to empathize and sympathize with those who are hurting. A person with the gift of mercy has a compassionate heart toward others.

To discover your spiritual gift determine what motivates you and how you respond to the needs around you.  Ask yourself questions like:  Who do I most relate to in the Parable of the Spilled Coffee? What would be my priority if I was made lead pastor of the church?  When have I been the most fruitful in ministry?

Live inside the circle. Be transformed!

Sample questions:

  1. What is your spiritual gift?
  2. How will you use your gift in the Body of Christ?
  3. How does Satan attack you in the area of your giftedness? How will you combat him?
  4. In the “Parable of the Spilled Coffee”  which person do you most identify with?

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